Place Names

Fore Chosen For Field Names Project!

We are delighted to announce that Fore has been chosen as the next area for the Field Names Project. Come along to the Coffee Shop in Fore on July 3rd, to meet the project curator and to find out more about this brilliant initiative.

To get us started, a collector called K Molloy from Glenidan School in the 1930s gathered some of the names in the area.

One I recognised is BÓTHAR na gCIPÍN – a townsland in Fore- meaning road of the little branches- and RANDÚN – the hill overlooking Lough Lene Collinstown.

  • There is BÓTHAR BRÚM – a field near Lough Bawn Collinstown, SRUTHÁN – a stream beside Glenidan School and MÓINÍN – a patch of boggy land beside Lough Glas
  • What about CROCH CEALG – between Fore and Castlepollard and MULLACRUAIDH – near Drumaree Collinstown and SRUTH na hEALLA – at Mooretown, Castlepollard still holds the name.
  • CLUAIN na gCOINÍN – PÁIRC an tSRUTHAIN – ÁRD na mBÓ – and PÁIRC an TOBAIR – are all listed as fields in Cummerstown, Collinstown.
  • Then there is CIPEÓG – a wood belonging to Mr Smith, Drumcree and PÁIRC na MACHRA – belonging to Mr O’Neill, Drumcree. PÁIRC BHÁN and SLIABH DUBH – in Cummerstown LOCH-PÁIRC – a field on the Fore side of Lough Lene. and LOCÁN BÁN – a field in Cummerstown. In Loughenderg, Killallon, there is a field called POLL an.
  • LOCH an tSAGAIRT – is a lake near Killgar, Glenidan. There is a field in Keenaghan and in that field there is supposed to be a goose. If you caught sight of this bird at night, you would be led astray, no matter what you did.
  • One night a man crossing the field saw the goose and followed her. She kept going on and every time the man made a grab at her she leaped further on, till finally, she reached the lake and went into it. The man just bethougth of the goose and returned home.
  • There is another field in Keenaghan, Glenidan in which there is a stray sod. If anyone steps on that sod when crossing the field at night, he is sure to go astray, but if he turns his coat inside out, he will go all right again.

Plenty to think about here – and plenty more to come!