Hazel Revington Cross

Hazel Revington Cross is a self taught artist, born and raised in Delvin, Westmeath.

For as long as she can remember, Hazel loved to draw. As a child she would lose herself creating butterflies and matchstick men with a simple box of coloured chalks. Today, her subjects include people, animals, landscapes and objects, and her tools of choice are pallet knives and oils.  

Hazel is influenced by the people, places and stories that touch her life and leave a mark on her soul and it is not unusual for her to be totally absorbed by the pieces she is working in - leaving a part of herself on each one. Since launching her art in 2009, her pieces have found their way into many private collections in Ireland, across Europe and as far away as Antigua and South Africa.

In 2010, Hazel opened a gallery in partnership with a friend and fellow art enthusiast. The "Garden Gallery" was officially opened by celebrated Irish artist, Graham Knuttel. Several well supported exhibitions followed featuring works by well-known and local artists. 

In 2014, Hazel took charge of the gallery and renamed "The Purple Raven Gallery". The gallery now focuses on celebrating and promoting the work of local artists and craftspeople. Fast forward to 2019 and there are no "airs and graces" in Hazel's gallery - just beautiful art, crafts, gifts and the welcoming aroma of coffee.  

I love to take a feeling, an emotion,or a story someone shared and work with it on canvas to capture it in colour. Texture is important to me and I love to close my eyes and run my fingers over the piece when it's dry and enjoy how the painting feels.

A Selection Of Hazel's Art

In To The Forest I Go

Hazel loves to be outdoors among the trees and observing nature. "There is nothing quite like the stillness that it brings...standing with the 'Tree People'."

The textures and colours of the peeling tree bark inspired this collection, in particular the birch tree which was gifted to her. As Hazel says, "she is the 'lady of the woods' facing every challenge with dignity and grace."

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul ― John Muir
Song to the White Goddess

The Purple Raven Gallery

Crowenstown, Delvin, Co. Westmeath
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