Eclectic Wear and Share Heritage Apron Day

Eclectic Wear and Share Heritage Apron Day

Come share with us, each story a precious gem. As part of North Westmeath’s Eclectic Festival, Collinstown/Fore ICA, along with Lough Lene Gaels Healthy Club’s ACE members, are delighted to host their ‘Wear and Share’ Day on Wednesday 26th June, in Collinstown Hall. Time: 10am to 1pm.

This will be a celebration morning of the men and women who wore the humble apron. The morning will include exhibition, demonstration, recollection, and storytelling. There will be music and dancing, light refreshments will be served. Admission is free. However, you must bring an apron to join in the Memorable Apron Parade.

Stories of wisdom, courage and hard labour will be exchanged. Stories from the lives of a strong and inventive generation, who tilled the ground, bathed the children, milked the cows, made the shoes, cleaned the big houses and reared large families. Stories and exhibits from an Ireland long ago intertwined with stories of today. While local groups have been invited to celebrate the morning with us, do join us if you are visiting the area for the day, or better still, build a visit around this date, as other Eclectic happenings in the neighbouring villages might just capture your imagination.

For more information contact Teresa Doyle 0876421148, or Chrissie Murtagh 0874147370.